No. The courses are available to anyone at any time. In fact, we have adults taking our courses; anyone is welcome to enroll in an SVHS course.

Middle school students can enroll in our courses; however, the courses do NOT count for high school credits. The courses can help a student enter high school at a higher level of Math or Spanish. Students should check with the high school they plan to attend and confirm if the school will accept our courses and the school’s policy on a student taking high school courses while still in middle school.

8th-grade students - technically, an 8th-grade student graduates middle school at the end of their Spring semester. During the summer semester, they are an incoming 9th grader. If a student takes the Final of a course after June 1 of their summer semester, those credits could be transferred to a high school transcript. Again, a student needs to check with the high school they plan on attending to find out about the school's policy.