The final automatically appears when you have been in the course for a minimum of 30 days AND have completed all units of the course - all your assignments have been submitted and graded. Please check the status of your assignments to make sure they are all graded. 

If all of your assignments have been submitted and all the course units completed, you may be waiting for one or more assignments to be graded. Our teachers usually grade assignments within three business days (longer at the end of a semester). Teachers need time to grade assignments, so please allow enough time for that when determining when you need to complete the course. Many students leave assignments to the last minute and submit them all together at the end of the semester. This causes a spike in grading, and at the end of the semester, grading turnaround time increases to around 7 business days. Therefore, submit your assignments as you progress through the course. Complete the assignment after you finish the lessons in the unit and before taking the test. The assignments help you to apply the knowledge you have learned in the unit and will prepare you for the unit test. Please make sure you allow at least three business days for the teacher to grade your submitted assignment. Our teachers do try to turn the assignments around as soon as possible. is best

If you are waiting for your assignment to be graded before you can take your final, we suggest taking the practice final. Students who take the practice final get a better score than those who do not.